Nearly a year and a half ago I was invited by Dave Saunders to sign up for LinkedIn.  As any compulsive social media joiner, I created my account, and then abandoned it.  I hardly paid notice of it, until just the past few months that is.

What led to the switch?  Well, the obvious part about teaching it to others in an upcoming online training program means that I first must understand, apply, and implement LinkedIn.  More importantly than just teaching it, I now have see how to help other businesses get noticed by participating in LinkedIn.

I’ve been working with a chiropractor.  Out of curiosity, I did a quick search on the word “chiropractor” to see what information LinkedIn offered.  To my surprise, several people had posted questions asking for recommended chiropractors in a specific reason.

Lesson learned: create an account, complete your profile, and participate in Questions & Answers with LinkedIn.

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