What Does Google Hummingbird Update Mean for Local Business Owners?

SEO is forever changing.  People figure out the factors that help our content show up in Google or other search engines, and make more content that ranks for those factors.  It’s a cat and mouse game.  While we aim to be discovered and reach our ideal audience, the search engines aim to cut out the… Continue reading What Does Google Hummingbird Update Mean for Local Business Owners?

Google changes Search Engine Results – What it means for you

Google has introduced a new feature on search engine results pages called “Search, plus Your World“.  These features may have significant impact on how you view search results and how your website displays for others.

Look at the two images below.  The first is a typic search result for “WordCamp“:
Google Search Engine Results

Measuring the traffic and goals on your website is vital to knowing if your efforts are working.  By integrating Google Analytics, you can easily see what traffic is reaching your site and what they are doing once there.

Google Webmaster tools is related, but different, in it’s purpose.  Google Webmaster Tools will reveal what people searched to reach your site, help you create goals and track your progress. While multiple people can have access to viewing or administrating Analytics, you can specify which people can see the goals from Webmaster tools.

To enable the integration, follow these quick steps:

Google Analytics Webmaster Tools

Google Analytics Webmaster Tools Apply


Get started learning more about Google Webmaster Tools in the Help Center, or Google Analytics Conversion University.

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