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I just finished reading Scott Stratton‘s book Unmarketing. Scott has a refreshing perspective and shares marketing advice from the perspective of both the business owner and the consumer. In the end the consumer’s opinion is the driving factor in business. Scott shares how he is gone into various stories and been on the consumer side of marketing efforts. Whether it’s in the how businesses treat the customer or in an e-mail or direct mail pieces that Scott has received, he shares how others could have done better and will work to dealing with situations.

Unmarketing will make you laugh and challenge you to see things in a new way, including what it means to truly engage with others. Scott will share with you how Unmarketing is really about rethinking how interact with clients customers and the general public in a day-to-day basis. Not only do we need to keep up with new tools such as Twitter and Facebook, but we also need to consider how we treat others whether a person or online. Have you really thought about how you come across to others?

What stands out or is different about Scott’s book than any others is that Scott can ask the reader he doesn’t stop at just informing the reader but you’re left with a real impression as to how Scott uses these tools which gives you an interesting perspective on how you can use these tools in your business building as well.

Below is a clip of Scott speaking at a conference I attended:

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