Mobile Landing Pages – Are You Doing It Wrong?

I was standing in line scanning Facebook on my iPhone.  A page that I really enjoy shared a link to an article they just published about the overhaul on making their website mobile responsive.  OOOOhhhh shiny!  To read said article, I clicked on the link, launching me into the web browser mode of Facebook to… Continue reading Mobile Landing Pages – Are You Doing It Wrong?

Does Your Website Look Good on Mobile Devices?

Have you looked at your website lately on a few different types of mobile devices? How does it look on Apple, Android, Windows, and Blackberry smartphones? How does it look on tablets? And now, how does it look on different browsers, screen sizes, and platforms of laptops and desktops? If you haven’t tested those out… Continue reading Does Your Website Look Good on Mobile Devices?

Mobile Site vs Mobile App vs. Mobile Landing Page

Do you need a mobile site or a mobile app, and landing page, all of the above, or none of these?  It really depends upon your business, but most likely you need at least to make your website mobile ready.  Earlier, I shared how to check your website on mobile devices and how to make your… Continue reading Mobile Site vs Mobile App vs. Mobile Landing Page

Measuring and tracking visitors on your website is very similar to observing how customers navigate through a physical store.  If you don’t pay attention, you might not know when things are going horribly wrong.  If you do pay attention, you might figure out what is selling well or what is drawing them further into the store. Knowing how to measure and track mobile visitors is vital to your

The idea of “going mobile” is hot lately. Many people use the term to mean making their website mobile device ready, but it can mean much more than this.  In yesterday’s post, we covered how to make your site more friendly for mobile visitors.  But, do you know how many visitors are actually viewing your site from a mobile device?

Google Analytics 

To measure all traffic to your website, your website should be running Google Analytics.  You’ll get a great overview of what activity is happening on your website.  What is key to measuring mobile visitors to your site is to view the Visitors –> Technology –> Mobile

Google Analytics Measures Mobile Visitors


By viewing the mobile browsers specifically, you can see what mobile devices were being used to display your website. It’s also interesting to note, you can see what versions of these devices people are using in some cases.  Compare your results with overall page stats, and notice what devices visitors are using.

Measure Mobile Visitors

By knowing how your site looks on these devices, you’ll be able to better serve your visitors.

WP Touch 

By adding unique tracking code to your mobile template, you’ll be able to measure the visitors even further.  If you are using a mobile template, like WP Touch, it will be important to add your Google Analytics tracking code to the mobile theme as well.

Thankfully, the team at WP Touch has made that tracking insert very easy.  Just go to the WP Touch settings and add in your Google Analytics code.

Google Analytics in WP Touch

Knowing who is viewing your site already is vital to knowing how to make your business’s presence online more friendly for visitors. While everyone else is in a rush to “go mobile”, be sure you are ready for what is already happening. Get your website set up and track your traffic now.



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