How to enable Google+ Hangouts on Air

Google+ has begun rolling out “Hangouts on Air”.  This feature allows users to stream the video to countless viewers via Youtube while having up to 10 people in the hangout.  In addition, users can embed the hangout live on their own websites. To enable Google+ Hangouts on Air, begin a hangout.  Click to enable.  … Continue reading How to enable Google+ Hangouts on Air

Mobile Site vs Mobile App vs. Mobile Landing Page

Do you need a mobile site or a mobile app, and landing page, all of the above, or none of these?  It really depends upon your business, but most likely you need at least to make your website mobile ready.  Earlier, I shared how to check your website on mobile devices and how to make your… Continue reading Mobile Site vs Mobile App vs. Mobile Landing Page

Measuring the traffic and goals on your website is vital to knowing if your efforts are working.  By integrating Google Analytics, you can easily see what traffic is reaching your site and what they are doing once there.

Google Webmaster tools is related, but different, in it’s purpose.  Google Webmaster Tools will reveal what people searched to reach your site, help you create goals and track your progress. While multiple people can have access to viewing or administrating Analytics, you can specify which people can see the goals from Webmaster tools.

To enable the integration, follow these quick steps:

Google Analytics Webmaster Tools

Google Analytics Webmaster Tools Apply


Get started learning more about Google Webmaster Tools in the Help Center, or Google Analytics Conversion University.

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When customers visit your business, online or in person, what devices are they using? Knowing this gives you the insight to know what matters to your business and what you need to monitor.

It is important to know what devices visitors to your website are using to ensure the site displays properly. See an earlier post on How to Test Your Website on Mobile Devices for details on that.   Also, check your Google Analytics settings to see what devices are already accessing your website:


In addition to knowing if your site displays on all these devices, it’s a strong suggestion (read: demand) that you check if people are rating, reviewing, and recommending your business on location-based apps. Check for your business on sites like Foursquare, Gowalla, Yelp, Google Places, and any other rating and review sites.

Next, do a search for people replying to your business in Twitter.  You can see what apps they are using to post to Twitter.  Some apps may actually be different websites and computer software, while others will reveal what mobile systems a user has.

twitter app

Finally, ask your customers, visitors, and tech-savvy friends what devices they are using. It is important to know your target audience and existing client base to ensure your business is best represented online.


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