WordFest: Welcome to the Community and Your New Career

The first cohort of adult students to learn WordPress in Code Differently‘s Return Ready program had an opportunity to speak at WordFest’s first event. We shared what it is like to teach and learn WordPress. Tune in for a quick overview on the WordPress curriculum I’ve created. I can’t say how amazing this event and… Continue reading WordFest: Welcome to the Community and Your New Career

Testing Where WordPress is Going

Have you tested Full Site Editing in the WordPress Block editor yet? Things will change, and this is your chance to help shape this roll-out.

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Welcome to the Community

WordCamp US 2015 Community Summit

Over 50 new people will be joining the WordPress community this week. I couldn’t be more excited. WordPress as a Community My friend, William Jackson, has shared his enthusiasm and excitement for the WordPress community many times. His zeal reminds me of what it means to have people that are welcoming. WordPress is both content… Continue reading Welcome to the Community