WordCamp Lancaster 2019

Liveblog notes from WordCamp Lancaster PA 2019

Aaron Campbell

The Future – Why the Open Web Matters – Aaron Campbell

At the very start, the web was open standards, focused on sharing information and being open to as many people as possible.

The internet is the single most effective information sharing tool in all of history.

Aaron Campbell

The Internet is not the Future, it is right now. What can we do to make sure these systems never go from helping us to controlling us?

  • Use open platforms.
  • Spread the word
  • Vote with your $$$
Jason Coleman

A Wild JavaScript Appears: Understanding The Many Ways JS is Used with WordPress – Jason Coleman


Beth Soderberg

Help! I’m Behind on Gutenberg! – Beth Soderberg


How Can We Learn Difficult Things?

Feynman Technique

  • Identify a concept
  • Explain the concept
  • Study the gaps
  • Simplify explanation of the concept

Note: Repeat steps 2 and 3 until understanding has sunk in.

Content Managers

  • Figure out what the new parts of the interface are
  • Learn how to move blocks around and access their settings
  • Familiarize with the standard blocks and their capabilities
  • Start looking at plugins that might fill in the gaps you need
  • What is the impact on plugins you already use
  • Don’t experiment live
  • Read the support documentation
  • Go Gutenberg
  • Learn how Gutenberg stores data
  • Learn custom color pallettes
  • Learn as much JavaScript as you need to
Ashley Eberly

Developing Blocks Without React – Ashley Eberly

Presentation notes

Paul Barthmaier

Block Filters: The Answer to Customizing Blocks Without Rolling Your Own – Paul Barthmaier

Block Filters allow you to extend or change the functionality of a block

  • Hooks
  • Actions
  • Filters

Block Style Variations – provide alternative styles to existing blocks. Register & Unregister

Andy Stitt

How to Use WordPress to Build Your Nonprofit Website – Andy Stitt


It was so fun to run camera again. Shortly into the presentation, I realized I may have answered one of Andy’s questions while working at The Events Calendar.

Russel Heimlich

From Template Tags to Twig: A Journey Through WordPress Templating – Russell Heimlich


Joe Casabona

How I Built My Online Courses Website using WordPress, WooCommerce, & LearnDash – Joe Casabona

Tools Used

  • WordPress
  • LearnDash
  • BBPress
  • LiquidWeb
  • Metorik (reporting), Jilt (abandoned cart), AffiliateWP (affiliates)
  • BeaverBuilder for landing pages
  • casabona.org/wclanc19

Intermediate Topics in WordPress Development – Aaron Jorbin

Working & Thriving Solo or as a Small Agency, a keynote panel featuring Beth Soderberg, Joe Howard, Lee Drozak, and Tara Claeys

  • What are your motivators?
  • What are your boundaries and time?

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