How to Get Found in Mobile Google Search Results

If someone searches for what your website offers, does it even display in mobile Google search results? It might startle you to know that since November, Google favors and primarily displays websites that are mobile-friendly if the user is searching on their mobile device. If your site isn’t ready, you won’t turn up in search results near the top, even if you stand out well when searching Google on a computer.

Notice when you search Google from a mobile device that it now lists if the site is “mobile friendly” and favors sites that are mobile ready first.

How to Get Found in Mobile Google Search Results

Getting Found in Mobile Search

So how can you tell if your website will be listed as “mobile friendly”?

  1. Test your site with Google’s “Mobile Friendly Test“These results will tell you the best answer. But you also should look at your own website on several types of mobile phones and tablets. Go to your nearest big box store or showroom floor and surf to your website. If you have to pinch and zoom to read the text, it’s a clear indicator that you aren’t mobile ready.
  2. Change your themeIf you’ve found that your site is not mobile ready, it’s time to change the theme.  If your website was built with WordPress, this will preserve all your existing content. However, there is work involved in changing the look of your site, just like there’s work involved in repainting or changing wallpaper.  You’ll want to look for themes that are mobile-responsive.  If you are looking for something super customized to fit your brand uniquely, see Headway.If your site isn’t even built on WordPress, expect some renovations. The beauty of WordPress is that it handles your content and makes it easy to change the content without destroying the look of your site accidentally.If you’re ready, ask me.

It really is important that your website is mobile-ready. With nearly 50% of traffic reaching many of the websites that I administrate, that tells me that those searching for what my clients offer are using a mobile device to get there.  If you aren’t standing out in Google’s mobile search, that is a significant portion of your audience.  It’s time to make the upgrades.

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