Announcing the Podcast: The Local Small Business Show

After years of helping small business owners with their social media and web development needs, it's time to help even more people.  To do that, I've launched my own podcast, The Local Small Business Show. It's available so far on:

In each show, you can expect to find the top 5 most important updates related to changes you need to make for your business's social media, website, and other digital marketing.  I'll keep you posted on the upcoming events, and share with you the pros that want to promote without being solicited.

Part of creating this show may be a bit self-serving.  I love helping everyone stay current in an ever-changing internet sphere, but need a better way to get the information out to more people at the same time.

I'll be hosting the podcast at Simple Local Business.  Simple Local Business is a project that I am working on to help small business owners learn the basics of maintaining their website, using social media, and connecting with their local community effectively.

To listen to the podcast, ask a question, or submit a review, visit

Announcing the Podcast: The Local Small Business Show #podcast #smallbusiness #WordPress


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