Get Started with Mobile Marketing Part 5 – Mobile Ads for Small Business

So far, we’ve looked at What is Mobile Marketing in Part 1, What is Location Based Marketing in Part 2,  and the best ways to implement QR Codes in Part 3. In part 4, we reviewed SMS Marketing. Have you looked at mobile ads for your small or local business yet?

mobile ads for local and small business

Mobile ads can be implemented into apps by a variety of providers.  To determine which ad service provider you would benefit to work with best, consider what mobile platforms visitors to your website are using (Google Analytics reveals this) and what apps are local to your business.

Look at your local news, radio, tv, and weather stations as starting points.  Can you determine what advertisement provider they are using on their apps?  Can you contact them to ask for information on how to be a part of the ads on their websites? Some local apps may run their on ad overlays internally.

Mobile Ad Platforms:

Types of Mobile Ads:

  • Banner – a small strip at the top or bottom of the screen
  • Interstitial (full screen) – similar to a pop-up, and often in the form of a video

Have you used mobile ads to promote your local or small business?  I’d love to hear what experience you had. Leave a comment below.


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