Small Business Guide to Pinterest Place Pins

This is obviously ideal for destination locations, as well as promoting tourist events.  However, local and small business owners can put their pins to work as well.

How to Add a Place to Your Pinterest Boards

When viewing your boards, select “edit” at the bottom:

Add MAPS to your Pinterest Pins

Add your map location:

pinterest place pins board

Add a place on the map:

add a place to Pinterest board

You’ll notice the locations are accessing the Foursquare database.

How to Add Pinterest Place Pins from a computer:

After adding your pin, view the board and edit the pin to include a place.

add pinterest place pin from computer

How to add a Pinterest Place Pin from mobile:

From Pinterest on your mobile device, add a pin (bottom middle)




Find a place.  This will access Foursquare’s listing of locations:



Select the correct venue, and add a photo to your pin:



You’ll need to provide a description of your pin before saving:



Pinterest Place Pins Strategy for Local and Small Business Owners:

Now that you know how to use Pinterest Place Pins, it’s time to form your strategy around why to use them.

  • Pin the websites of local business owners (and consider making it a community board).
  • Feature multiple boards on your business account that showcase local businesses based upon their industry
  • Curate a board of your products in use around your community
  • Promote events and locations where your business will be appearing
  • Feature items in your store with locations mapped to them.

What are your ideas on how to make use of Pinterest Place Pins?  Leave your suggestions below.

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