Comments Evolved for WordPress

Have you ever wanted a way to integrate multiple comment systems on your blog?  Take a look below at my commenting system.  It’s Comments Evolved, and is free in the WordPress repository.

comments evolved multiple comment systems for WordPress

With it, users can leave a comment with Facebook or Google+, or multi-platform login systems like LiveFyre or Disqus.  The default WordPress comment system is still an option as well.  I’ve found it to be a bit buggy if Facebook is not the first comment system displayed, so I’ll tolerate that for now.

comments evolved settings

Using this plugin has made it super easy to reply to those that have shared the post from my site as well to either Facebook or Google+. By default, Facebook and Google+ will prompt users to submit the comment as a link to their social media accounts.

To make this plugin work with my theme (Headway), I added a bit of CSS to the Live CSS editor to hide default comments and instead only show this plugin.

div#comments {display: none;}

Help me put this plugin to the test by leaving a comment below.




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