Google+ Cover Photo Changes

The new Google+ profile layout changes cover photos slightly.  No longer are users presented with the bottom 1/4 of the photo, but now displays the entire image.  The dimensions are still large at 2120×1192 pixels, but now the full image displays.  A great tutorial can be found at

Google+ Cover Photo November 2013

I took my cover photo a step further by turning it into an animated gif (a photo that moves).

Here it is in motion:

Google+ Cover Animated Gif

Create an Animated Gif for your Google+ Cover Photo

  1. Create a presentation in PowerPoint or Keynote
  2. Export the presentation as a Quicktime .mov file
  3. Convert the Quicktime presentation into an animated gif (I like GifBrewery)
  4. Upload to Google+
  5. For more help, watch the tutorial


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