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Do you monitor what your customers are saying about your business online? Reviews can have a significant impact on your local search results and thus on the likelihood of new customers visiting your business. But do you know where should you be monitoring?

Facebook Business Page Customer Reviews

facebook reviewWhether you’ve claimed your Facebook business location or not, there is a strong chance that either Facebook or a customer has started the process of your business appearing.
Facebook Reviews on MobileFacebook uses phone directories and customers can just check-in (to tell their friends that they are at your location, even if you never started a page). As a result, you may have reviews and not even know it. Search
Facebook to find your business, or browse to manage your page. See the reviews on the lower right column from a desktop, or view it as “public” on mobile and see reviews near the top.

Google+ Local (Formerly Places) Customer Reviews

Google+ Local ReviewsDo a search for the name of your business in Google. Do you see those little red balloons? Click on those to see the reviews of your business and the automatically created listing of your business. If you haven’t yet, claim this. Look over the reviews here as well. Android phone users can search for what your business offers easily from their phones, and other mobile phone users can search on the Google app on their device.

Also note that Google finds other sources of reviews when you view the full listing. Browse to these other sites that Google has incorporated and see what reviews are on those sites as well.


Yelp Reviews

Yelp is most popular in more urban areas, however it is important to know that iPhone users conducting a search via Siri are getting suggestions based upon Yelp reviews. Also, even if you are a business in a small town, you never know who may be driving through your town. Claim your business profile here and check back at least monthly. You can respond as the owner.


Foursquare ReviewsWhile originally started as a site for people to “check-in” or share their locations to Twitter and Facebook, Foursquare has evolved more into a discovery tool. I often use Foursquare to find a new place to eat and see what reviews others have left. In addition, business owners can publish special promotions on Foursquare.


Industry Specific

In most every industry, specific review sites pop up specific to that niche.  Do a search in Google for “Your Industry AND reviews”. See what other results you can find and be sure to monitor any that your business already appears on.

automotive repair reviews

Local Reviews

Search for local business directories on places like your nearest Chamber of Commerce, TV news, radio, and newspapers to see if you can or are listed on these sites, and if these sites allow users to review your business.

Reviews Matter

Reviews can make or break the likelihood of a new customer visiting your business. It is good to encourage people to leave you reviews on any of these networks, and to know what is being said.

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