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Mobile marketing for small business continues to grow by leaps and bounds.  It is important for local small business owners to make full use of mobile marketing to best reach their audience.

What is mobile marketing?

  • SMS text message marketing
  • Creating mobile optimized websites to ensure that your whole website is thumb-navigation friendly, that all embedded photos and videos work across all types of mobile devices, and that the website is visually appealing on smartphones and tablets
  • Implementing mobile landing pages (such as hours, menues, or any other specific page designed to be discovered specifically on a mobile device)
  • Including click-to-call links, click-to-email options, and the ability to sign up on email newsletters or text message delivery systems

Recently Local Search Insider released a report with some shocking statistics on what mobile marketing is doing within the past year alone.

In 2012, growth in the number of PC users accessing the Internet flat-lined for the first time. By contrast, the share of web traffic from non-PC devices including smartphones and tablets more than doubled to 15% in December 2012 versus 7% in December 2011.

Local Mobile Search Report via Local Search Insider

What mobile marketing means for you:

More people are searching for all sorts of things. Now, more than ever before, you need to factor how your existing customers and clients are interacting with you and your company across all sorts of devices.  In addition, you need to remember what that experience may be like on any social media outposts extending beyond your website.

Some key marketing tips and takeaways for small business owners include:

  • Approximately 77 million smartphone owners relied on applications to visit local content in December 2012, up 22 percent since December 2011.
  • About 69 million users relied on browsers in December 2012, up 12 percent since December 2011.

If you are a local small business owner, you may need to make some rapid changes to your website, email newsletter, and social media accounts to be mobile-friendly.  Consider also implementing an sms system to share the updates and deals in a timely fashion for your customers.

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