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Local SEO involves adding snippets of code to your website so that when people search for something in your region, your business should be discovered.  If my pipes burst, I don’t want to see the highest ranking plumber of all time, I want to see the plumbers in my town that can provide service to me. Local SEO is especially important for all businesses that need customers to actually walk into the store.

Earlier we looked at how to add the Local SEO Contact Form plugin to your site.  This makes quick work of the minimum information needed. For a more complete listing of additional snippets to add to your site, see Schema.org’s Local Business.

If you’d like more functionality than just a contact form and need more results than what you are getting now, take a look at Yoast’s Local SEO plugin.  This adds considerable functionality for things such as:

  • Multiple locations
  • Widgets (maps, show address & hours)
  • Geo sitemap settings to submit to search engines

This looks like a handy plugin to use for many local and small business owners. See Joost’s how-to article for a preview.

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