Ask Your Customers for Reviews

Reviews online can make or break your business for new customers. The more positive reviews that you have, the more likely you are to get new customers.

Often customers that have either an overwhelming amazing experience or, more often, a terrible experience that may or may not warrant a scathing review. Some people will just have negative things to say, and do not represent the vast majority of reviews.  Pay attention to what they say, but unless a crowd of others concur, it isn’t an accurate representation of your business. Asking for reviews will result in more reviews overall, and likely more positive reviews.

Make It Easy for Customers to Review

  • Use a QR code that takes people to a mobile landing page with buttons to then go to each place you’d like reviews. Keep it easy for them to get there. Use that same QR code on the additional suggestions
  • Hang a sign by the door or register
  • Share it on counters or tables
  • Place it on your menu or other promotional materials
  • Ask for it on receipts

Where Do You Want Reviews?

Claim your listings on the following networks, then select which networks seem relevant to your community:

Offer an Incentive for Reviewers

Consider offering something simple for their reviews.  Happy reviewers may become your most loyal customers and can influence their network of connections to visit your business. Make it worth their while. 

Be sure to monitor your online reviews at least monthly, but possibly more on active networks.

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