What Can SMS Text Message Marketing Do For Your Business?

SMS or Text Message Marketing is a huge part of successful mobile marketing strategy.

Are you using SMS marketing in your business? Here are a few ideas how it could help you:

  1. Announcements – do you have sales and promotional events you’d like to spread the word about? A texting platform will let you schedule those messages to remind people right before the event happens.
  2. Coupons – Like announcements, you can distribute specific coupon codes and instructions to recipients.
  3. Appointment Reminders – If your clients or customers schedule appointments with you, you can enable a text message reminder of their appointment a few days in advance, or even earlier the same day.  Some appointment booking systems integrate with SMS text message platforms nicely.
  4. Special greetings – wish them a happy birthday, Merry Christmas, or whatever season is appropriate.
  5. Voting & Contests – Have you wanted to run a contest or ask people to vote on something?  Though you may not be as big as the evening music and dance programs, you can still have valuable votes coming in to your business.  I’ve even seen churches use this in each service when surveying attendees on what they think.
  6. Sign up to email or visit any specific webpage- Would you like to give people the option to quickly opt-in to your email newsletter?  By texting you, they can get a link to any webpage on your site.  Be sure it looks good on a mobile device.
  7. Loyalty rewards – some  SMS systems work with you to reward your most loyal customers.  Like Facebook or Foursquare Check-In Deals, you can share a code for visitors to text and offer them discounts accordingly.

Want a few systems to check out? See Trumpia or EZ Texting

Want to see how I use text message marketing? See the SMS Update widget on the right side of the screen (or below if you’re a mobile visitor).

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