Using Foursquare Specials to Promote Your Business

Your customers are already checking in and rating and reviewing your business on Foursquare, whether you’ve created an account there or not.  We’ve already discussed how important it is that you claim your accounts there. Now it’s time to look at using Foursquare Specials to attract more customers.

After claiming your account, go to your Foursquare business account. Like Facebook or Google+, you can toggle to manage your business page in the upper right corner.

Foursquare Special

Once logged in on behalf of the business, go to “Specials” in the upper navigation bar, and create your first special.

Foursquare Select Special

Pick some sort of a special that won’t break your bank account but will entice others to share with their entire social network that they are visiting your business, often repeatedly.

Then select the terms and fine print of your special.

Foursquare Special Fine Print

Then review any specials you have created before activating them:

Foursquare Specials Review

Finally, you can schedule them from the computer, or from your mobile phone via the Foursquare for Business app.

4sq start campaign

On the mobile app, you can easily turn the specials on and off manually during the times when you most want to attract a crowd. See the “Specials” button at the bottom middle of the Foursquare for Business app (iOS and Android).

Foursquare Special on Mobile



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