How to enable Google+ Hangouts on Air

Google+ has begun rolling out “Hangouts on Air”.  This feature allows users to stream the video to countless viewers via Youtube while having up to 10 people in the hangout.  In addition, users can embed the hangout live on their own websites.

To enable Google+ Hangouts on Air, begin a hangout.  Click to enable.

Google+ Hangouts on Air



How are you planning to use Hangouts on Air?  I’m going to relaunch my podcast via on-air hangouts.  I’ll have an audio option, but do a run-down of the social media, local seo, mobile marketing, and WordPress news of the day or week.  As Youtube is a big traffic driver to my site already, I think this will be a great fit.

In other thoughts – if Google Drive doesn’t care about the bandwidth of content being accessed, I may use it for some my media storage needs.  I’ve asked around a bit on this idea at Google’s support forums and at the School of Podcasting.  I’d really love it if Google Drive could store and protect my various media data in one centralized place, charge me for the storage but not bandwidth, give me links for media files that will go out via podcasts and embeddable code on all files, and give me data via Google Analytics on it all.  I’m hopeful, but not sure it’ll happen.

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