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My 3 Words – 2012

Spiritual father Bob Highland at the beach

Spiritual father Bob Highland at the beach house by the fire

For several years, Chris Brogan has led the way in setting the tone for the year ahead by picking 3 words that are the focus of the year. Rather than making resolutions, or resolving changes to improve our lives that we seldom see beyond the first two weeks of January, this approach is more focused yet broad.

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Go-Giving Online

Being a Go-Giver in the social media world has become fun. Last week, I had the chance to get on a conference call with my company, featuring Bob Burg and Thom Scott. Bob’s teaching in “The Go-Giver”, co-authored with John David Mann, has had a great impact on my life.

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Tribes – by Seth Godin

Tribes, by Seth Godin, is a great listen. I’ve been watching my tribe on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, FriendFeed, or the countless other social sites so intertwined into my life – and wondering, when will conversion hit? How can I give more in value to the Tribe following me, and at which point do I see a conversion into building my business?

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