Courtney Engle is a dynamic speaker who speaks on many topics such as technology, social media, systematizing your business, and much more.  She can create presentations that reflect the big picture, but break it down into easy to understand and engaging.  Using the latest technology, Courtney captivates her audience and empowers them to take action immediately.

Courtney has delivered presentations in-person, in webinars, and on podcasts. She has been presented to Central PA New-Tech Meetup.

Speaking topics:

Social Media Marketing Funnel

In the confusion of social media, do you really know the full process that drives sales and creates countless satisfied clients?  Take a preview of her presentation here:

Streamlining Your Online Life:

Seeing a more efficient way to show up online?  Want to get the most efficiency, the biggest footprint, and the best results for your efforts?  Create a daily and weekly action plan, systematize your online presence, and track your results.

Basic through advanced how-to training on topics such as:

  • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, and many more social networks
  • Blogging
  • Search engine optimization
  • Building “Know, Like, and Trust” relationships online
  • Email marketing
  • Optimal website content, design, and usability
  • Mobile and local social media strategies
  • Software and mobile applications (on most any platform)
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Special for parents: Internet & Mobile safety
  • Special for teens: Creating your Digital Footprint – Branding you for success

Connect with Courtney elsewhere: