Mobile Optimized Website – $497 & up

iPads, iPhone, Androids, Tablets, and SmartPhones…. what does this mean for your business?  If you have never looked at your website from these devices, you really need to!

Do you know how much of your website traffic is already coming from a mobile device?  The results may surprise you.  And – if your website isn’t optimized for mobile browsing, it may be loosing visitors that can’t see anything on their screen.

We’ll enable your mobile traffic to quickly access key information.

Mobile Landing Page – $197 & up

If your goal is to bring mobile visitors to a specific page, like your store hours, you’ll need a page designed to meet their unique needs.  While visitors may view any part of your site from a mobile device, when you target them specifically to a page, you’ll need to optimize that page to meet their needs.

We’re ready to help! We’ll ensure videos display, shopping carts are visible, or a clear “call to action” button in place for mobile users.

Text Message Marketing – $97 & up

If your business benefits from foot-traffic, you’ll benefit from a text message marketing campaign.  Similar to email marketing, but with nearly 90% open rates, text message marketing puts your message into the hands of your clients instantly.

Ideal businesses:

  • Salons
  • Restaurants
  • Entertainment centers
  • Emergency services
  • Educational institutions
  • News agencies
  • Speakers
  • Athletics
  • and more…

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