Training – $297

Whether you are new to emailing a list, or have extensive experience – you may need a little help.  We’ll work with you to craft titles that get your emails opened, share your content, and send the emails in a way that mobile users can read your message.

Setup & Design – $297

The layout of your email message matters.  Mobile users are often checking email while in line at the grocery store, stuck in a traffic jam, or just waking up.  Meanwhile, computer users have a large screen.

We’ll help you create a branded layout that is still able to be opened by mobile users yet connects readers to all your online content.

Strategy & Direction – $197

Once you’ve got your fishbowl of email addresses written on notecards, how do you get the content out?  We’ll work with your business to develop a plan for content and scheduling of your messages.  We’ll keep you in front of your customers and help you measure your results.

Management & Maintenance – $97

Are you updating your email list as often as you should?  Do you need addition support in writing the content and sending your messages?  We’ll work with you to create a unique plan to asset you.

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