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  • Total web site creation, from start to finish, with blog included. Allows you to easily feature articles you write, as well as news as soon it becomes available. The solution we will implement for you allows you to easily update your own web site as needed. Plus, we provide easy to follow instruction on doing so.
  • Create accounts on 300+ Social Media websites – results in far greater exposure to your message than you would get with a regular website alone!
  • Branding throughout accounts – ensuring your professional image is consistent through out each & every website and online community you join, and implement an easy automated solution so you don’t get overwhelmed in the process
  • Facebook Fan Page with custom welcome tab – they give the opportunity for someone to learn more about you, who otherwise might not. Added benefit or tapping into Facebook’s pool of over 300 million users!
  • Email marketing templates – give your email newsletters the same look & feel as your website (i.e. Consistency counts!) — it pays BIG to keep a consistent comfortable feel & image between all your different points of contact with your audience.
  • Synchronize status updates across platforms – we automate the otherwise painful task of keeping all those “social media” website statuses update so you can benefit from doing so — without driving yourself MAD trying to do them all manually. Yes, there is an easier way!
  • Publish multimedia in bulk across platforms – rather than having to go to each particular website to make post your videos, photos, or other multimedia project we will take you by the hand and automate them for you — it really will be as simple as… click – done! 😉
  • Brand management dashboard tracking real time – all your vital data as it relates to what’s being said about you and your company – in one at a glance place! As the conversation is unfolding no less!
  • SEO / Search Engine Optimization – As a small business owner having your web site found among the endless choices available in your search engine of choice is of the utmost importance. Think of SEO, or search engine optimization as the secret code needed to give you a better than average shot at having your companies web site in a position where prospective customers will find you (and ultimately buy your product or service). The effective use of SEO has many benefits, not the least of which is the ability to see in real-time what your ideal customer is searching for — armed with that information you’ll be able to quickly position yourself as the website which can best deliver on what your prospects are looking for. We’ve helped our clients do that, and look forward to helping you do the same!
  • Website/blog creation – from top to bottom – initial idea to final roll-out (technology involved, design aspects, content creation & editing)… we’ve got your back!
  • Complete training and implementation strategy – because even the best system isn’t worth a flip if you don’t know how to make full use of it… we make sure our clients know how to make full use of the systems we setup for them. A strong statement to say we “make sure”? Yes it is, but we can back it up — in my “previous life”, before I started this business I was a education teacher — yes, I was formally trained. I can assure you if I was able to succeed in teaching school aged children, I can absolutely make sure you are a success as well. That’s my promise, and guaranty!
  • Selecting systems and tools for projects (i.e. Membership sites, shopping carts, etc) – we handle and fully implement the technology required for your given project, and or business — and you get to focus on what you do best — without getting caught up in useless techno-babble!
  • Marketing campaign strategy – to succeed it takes more than a wing & a prayer (yes, prayer will help, but leave the wings at home ;)) — because we have helped many varying types of small business owners, entrepreneurs, speaker, authors, and coaches — we know the common components necessary to achieve success. With that same level of business competency we will develop and help you fully implement a plan uniquely suited for you and your business.
  • Statistics of social media accounts – Finally, you will have an easy to follow, at a glance view of how the time you’re spending across the various Social Media websites is impacting your business. You’ll see first hand what’s working, what’s not, and perhaps most importantly — where you need to be spending more of your time! In summary, you will have a clear snapshot of your ROI (return on investment).
  • Distribute press releases to numerous venues – We take the guess work out of which PR and public relations web site are worth your time by monitoring them and submitting your press releases to the ones that will get you maximum exposure.
  • Article Marketing – positioning yourself as the expert in your field and or industry is essential. We take the tediousness out of doing just that. Imagine being able to focus on your writing — while we do the heavy lifting for you by making sure the articles you write appear in the places which are sure to give you maximum exposure!
  • Setup and maintain Google maps & Google local listings – When was the last time you broke out your local yellow pages (much less seen one in the last few years) to find a local business or service provider? Right, most folks haven’t either. Most everyone are turning to search engines — local search engines in particular. We can not only get your business included, we can help make sure you get listed where you need to be, so that you are front and center when your prospective client is in need of the product or service you offer.
  • Get listed and maintain your business account in local social networking sites: Have you ever thought to yourself, “wouldn’t it be neat if you could make your product or service available to your local area, the city your business actually serves?” – believe it or not there are several excellent local social networking services you can tap into right now. They make it simple to: gain exposure to what you are doing in your local market / city, but that’s just the begining. With what the location based tools the services offer you can create, and make available special promotions & product offers to members in your area (that’s right, your local area!)

Testimonials — Here’s what our clients have to say about working with us…

“Courtney was instrumental in creating a social media strategy for my business. Not only was she able to create multiple accounts, she streamlined and synchronized them so that I could easily and efficiently stay in touch with my fans through social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, as well as through my blog. Courtney saved me time, energy and mistakes in creating a professional and scalable social network. I can’t recommend her services highly enough!”

–Libby Gill, author of You Unstuck

“As a technical consultant, Courtney brings several great benefits to the table. Aside from her superb technical skills, she helps create a vision for how you will apply social media and how this will benefit your bottom line. It certainly has mine. Courtney is a teacher, a coach, and – best of all – an advocate for her clients. She cares! It’s also great to know that she is constantly monitoring her work for us, as well as updating us on additional tools to help accelerate the ultimate social media experience.”

–Bob Burg, coauthor of The Go-Giver

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Courtney EngleI’m Courtney Engle; my team and I look forward to helping you maximize and uncover the hidden profit potential in your business just as we’ve been able to do for many of the clients whose stories you read about above. To get started take 2 minutes to schedule an initial consultation and we will get started.

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PS. Here’s what our satisfied Clients say about working with us…

“Courtney helps create a vision for how you will apply social media and how this will benefit your bottom line. It certainly has mine.”
– Bob Burg Selling author, speaker, and co-author of The Go-Giver

“Courtney Engle was instrumental in creating a social media strategy for my business.”
– Libby Gill, best-selling author & speaker

I look forward to counting you as my next client success story! To your success, Courtney Engle