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Promotion and Support Services for Meeting, Conference and Seminar Planners

Consider some of the ways we can help you make your event, conference, or seminar a success…

Promote Greater Conference Participation, Interaction, and Engagement With you Audience Attendees

  • Live video (public or private) – provide your conference via webstreaming.  This can be made available as a cost.
  • Community contribution (photos, videos, blogs)
  • Moderated social media management (CoverItLive) – have a staff monitor all social media activity related to your event, and provide moderated content on behalf of the event
  • Centralized document distribution (slides, notes, etc.) – share handouts or other conference documents for attendees to download.

Post-conference community retention – The last day of your event and or seminar shouldn’t be the end, but rather, just the beginning. Here’s how we can help you position your conference in this way…

  • Ongoing exclusive speaker interviews
  • Shopping cart of conference recordings
  • Exclusive community networking system
  • On-the-spot video testimonial for sharing into social media communities
  • Follow-up blog strategy
  • Speaker highlight videos

Additional Marketing & Promotion Ideas

  • Twitter hashtag –  the benefit is that with your help, they can plug into twitter’s vast community of live people, who are likely to have an interest in what their seminar can deliver.  Also, it allows the public to watch what others are doing and saying about your event, as it happens.
  • Twitter lists – announce your speakers, sponsors, and attendees
  • Badges  – allows your speakers, attendees, and sponsors to promote your event on their websites.
  • Facebook fan page & event – inviting attendees to RSVP to your event via social networks shares this information with their connections, giving you maximum exposure.
  • Linkedin group – furthers the networking opportunities of your community in an ongoing manner.
  • Video marketing plan – promotional videos and distribution
  • Pre-event interviews – podcasting & vidcasting – preview your conference information to attendees and those still considering attending via audio and video meetings, all available in real-time and for playback on-demand.
  • Newsletter announcements – building excitement for your event and informing attendees about how they can get connected to all the conference opportunities.
  • Attendee networking tutorials

Here’s How to Get Started…

Fill out the form below, telling us about your event, seminar, or conference and we will be in touch to discuss a personal plan of action that will allow you to ensure your event is a smashing success — one where all in attendance thank you for your efforts, and literally can’t wait to sign up to attend again! It’s possible, and we look forward to helping you get there as our next satisfied client.

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