[wpcol_1quarter id=”” class=”” style=””] [/wpcol_1quarter] [wpcol_3quarter_end id=”” class=”” style=””]Hostgator is my favorite hosting company. I’ve logged in to many different hosts and felt confused by others dashboards, distracted by endless upsells, and unsatisfied by their customer service. Hostgator outdoes them all, and I like their marketing.[/wpcol_3quarter_end]
[wpcol_1quarter id=”” class=”” style=””]No Need For WordPress Developers — Drag & Drop With Headway[/wpcol_1quarter] [wpcol_3quarter_end id=”” class=”” style=””]Headway makes creating your unique look to your website possible without knowing code. Using their drag and drop method, you’ll get the look you want.[/wpcol_3quarter_end]
[wpcol_1quarter id=”” class=”” style=””]Scribe. SEO Made Simple.[/wpcol_1quarter] [wpcol_3quarter_end id=”” class=”” style=””]Scribe SEO helps me optimize my website for search engines. I can draft a post, add in a few extra words, get a grade, and know my chances for being discovered. This is a must-use tool for bloggers.[/wpcol_3quarter_end]
[wpcol_1quarter id=”” class=”” style=””]Premise Landing Pages Made Easy[/wpcol_1quarter] [wpcol_3quarter_end id=”” class=”” style=””]When you create a page that is calling readers to take action, there are many important factors to get just right. Premise makes that work easier to accomplish and helps your landing pages stand out.[/wpcol_3quarter_end]
[wpcol_1quarter id=”” class=”” style=””][/wpcol_1quarter] [wpcol_3quarter_end id=”” class=”” style=””]Are you ready to blast through blogging? 31 Days to Build a Better Blog will help you with a month long boot-camp. Get inspired today.[/wpcol_3quarter_end]
[wpcol_1quarter id=”” class=”” style=””][/wpcol_1quarter] [wpcol_3quarter_end id=”” class=”” style=””]How well is your blog doing? Problogger’s Scorecard will help you evaluate your blogging skills and learn where to improve.[/wpcol_3quarter_end]
[wpcol_1quarter id=”” class=”” style=””]HootSuite - Social Media Dashboard[/wpcol_1quarter] [wpcol_3quarter_end id=”” class=”” style=””]Hootsuite has been my social media dashboard of choice for several years. I can seamlessly update my pages and profiles from one place and it carries over to my mobile phone with the same settings for use on the go.[/wpcol_3quarter_end]
[wpcol_1quarter id=”” class=”” style=””]sign up at[/wpcol_1quarter] [wpcol_3quarter_end id=”” class=”” style=””]Protecting your brand online is essential. By securing your username across the social media sphere, you can ensure no one hijacks your brand. KnowEm does that work for you. Within a few days, you will have your login information to hundreds of sites. Stake your claim before someone else does.[/wpcol_3quarter_end]
[wpcol_1quarter id=”” class=”” style=””][/wpcol_1quarter] [wpcol_3quarter_end id=”” class=”” style=””]Have you ever needed a little help using your Mac? Screencasts Online will help you make the most of your Apple gear.[/wpcol_3quarter_end]
[wpcol_1quarter id=”” class=”” style=””]FreshBooks[/wpcol_1quarter] [wpcol_3quarter_end id=”” class=”” style=””]Freshbooks makes invoicing clients easy. I can get paid online, email invoices, and track my time on projects.[/wpcol_3quarter_end]
[wpcol_1quarter id=”” class=”” style=””][/wpcol_1quarter] [wpcol_3quarter_end id=”” class=”” style=””]Mailchimp is the best email marketing tool I’ve used. Having logged in to many different systems, I find Mailchimp is the easiest to setup, and it’s free to get started.[/wpcol_3quarter_end]

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