Google+ Interactive Posts

Google+ Interactive Posts

Google+ has a little known feature that can help your posts stand out. ¬†Interactive posts can be a great way to draw attention or event to play music. They are said to drive 3x more traffic than plain link sharing, though I’m not sure that is accurate still.

Google Services that use Interactive capabilities:

When you share a Youtube video to Google+, it has a play button by default:

If, from Google Play Music, you share a link, it previews like this:

Books display:

Movies and apps don’t really show much interesting other than the coverart:


From your website:

Google+ Interactive Posts
Google has a long list of words to use in call-to-action buttons, such as:

  • Read
  • Learn more
  • Accept
  • Join
  • Buy
  • Confirm
  • Connect
  • Bid
  • Register
  • Redeem
  • Watch

To enable this with content on my own site, I used the Google+ Interactive Posts Creator plugin.

Interactive buttons can really help your posts to stand out, but remember that what you have to say, the hashtags you use, and formatting the content are only part of the optimization. Your goal is build engagement and increase activity.

Google+ Interactive Posts
Article Name
Google+ Interactive Posts
Google+ Interactive Posts can help your posts stand out.
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