WordPress 3.7 Features

WordPress 3.7 is in development including much requested features and fast on the heels of the 3.6 release.  There are some great changes in store for WordPress users soon, but most will not be visible changes for website visitors.

Primary changes include:

  1. Automatic updates of plugins, themes, and WordPress – the team of core developers has gone to great lengths to allow users to turn this feature off or even run SVN plugins (plugins acquired from sources like GitHub that are not in the WordPress Plugin Repository)
  2. The password meter will now include a level of even stronger passwords
  3. Additional language support
  4. Faster release from the last WordPress update – rather than including many features into revisions, smaller incremental updates that are released sooner.

Matt @ WordCamp Bulgaria 2011

Matt Mullenweg, founder of Automattic and co-creator of WordPress, shared about some of these changes during his annual “State of the Word” speech at WordCamp San Francisco this year:

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