WordCamp Baltimore 2013 Liveblog #wcbalt

My notes from #WCBalt

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  1. This is pretty cool! #wcbalt was a blast!
    I’m a huge fan of box-sizing: border-box; so I hope you don’t mind if I clarify that it doesn’t necessarily set the border, it includes borders and padding within the width declaration of an element. No crazy math needed when trying to figure out how wide something is.
    250px sidebar with 30px padding and a 1px border = 250px + 30px (left pad) + 30px (right pad) + 2px (left and right border)… sidebar is actually 312px wide.
    With {box-sizing:border-box} you set the sidebar to be 250px and any padding and borders added will not increase this, they get added “inside” the 250px. No math. Yeah.

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