Retaining Clients

How do you keep your customers happy with your service or retain clients?  I wear a variety of hats in my business.  I handle everything from the web development to social media strategy for local and small business owners.  In the mix, I am also a new home-owner digging in a very large veggie garden.  Needless to say, the past few months have been hectic for me.  It’s left me in a work-life balance quandary.  If I wanted to, I could work non-stop all the time.  I’ll aim though for 8-5 with a few breaks mixed in.

Recently I’ve had a few client requests for weekly or monthly newsletters.  I’m aiming to kick that off this week.  I’ll be including:

  1. Important breaking news
  2. Reminders and simple tips for what they may already know
  3. A spotlight on an area of service I can provide
  4. New offers and promotional items

I also plan this year to include snail mail notes and cards as part of my business.

What about you? How do you stay in touch with your contacts? What else would you suggest to stay front-of-mind?

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