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What methods of advertising are you using in your business?  Do you still advertise on terrestrial radio, over-the-air or even cable access television, or in print newspapers?  Have you tried hanging fliers on community billboards? Do people use your business card to request service?

While I am the first to suggest digital advertising options, in some markets may still work this way.  I like digital because it’s easily measured and quantifiable.  You can get specific phone numbers or direct people to specific pages within your your website if you really want to measure the results of these offline traditional marketing efforts.

Ultimately you need to know your community. Do you see an increase in revenue? Are more people saying that they heard about you from any of the earlier mentioned methods or by word-of-mouth?  If you are sure that it is working and you can prove it, keep going.

If you aren’t positive, evaluate if the cost is really worth it compared to running a few targeted digital ads.



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Courtney Engle Robertson

From high school business education to the WordPress Training team, Courtney helps people of all skill levels get their message out. She lives in south-central Pennsylvania, loves coffee, plays the mandolin, and has a very large vegetable garden.

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