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Have you ever found yourself in need of managing multiple WordPress websites?  Until recently, I had been logging in to many websites every time there was an urgent update.  This can be very time consuming, and doesn’t even account for security and backup on these sites.  I was struggling just to maintain these sites until I found a way to leverage my time better with ManageWP.

ManageWP allows me to manage WordPress sites and blogs from one dashboard.  I can login and see all my sites and all the sites of my clients. From this dashboard, I can run updates, optimize the databases, and scan security from the computer browser or mobile app.  Each night I run a full website backup, not just the content, to my Google Drive account.  I can deploy a new plugin to multiple websites at once.

If you are a WordPress manager, you really need to try ManageWP out.  It will save you considerable time and effort. During website setup, I have created a website with all my preferred plugins and theme framework already loaded in.  I can clone that website to a fresh domain and be well on my way to finishing the site in record time.

If you want to check them out, I’d greatly appreciate if you used my link: ManageWP

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    • Yes! It’s fantastic. I can mass delete spam or I can open each sites dashboard from my managewp account. I can deploy WP plugins from the repository or even paid plugins from wherever else I’ve saved them. Note: anything with a license key involves being in each sites dashboard but still much faster. Hours more efficient!

      Cloning my default theme & plugins goes quickly on new installs too

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