Schedule Facebook Updates via Post Planner

Have you ever wanted an easier way to schedule your Facebook updates than the default option Facebook provides?  I use a mix of tools for this for different purposes, but am growing to love Post Planner. With Post Planner, you can update your personal profile, a page, or even groups.

With it, you can upload photos, share links, and draft your status updates much the same as Facebook has already allowed. You’ll also have the ability to import your content via your RSS feed, automating any blog updates to your choice of destinations.

post planner

You can schedule posts to be reoccurring, like my page’s Mobile Monday theme.

I haven’t upgraded yet to the paid versions of this app, but I am giving it some thought.  The additional features like curated content and status ideas do look incredibly useful.

Take a look a Post Planner and see if it helps you plan your content.

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