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As a business owner, it’s important to let your friends and family know what you do. That may seem like an obvious thing, but last week I was having coffee with my friend Larry.  He shared with me his challenge of wearing 2 different hats for work, a realtor and a printer salesman.

Crazy Larry Yoder

Part of his challenge was just letting his friends and network know that he participated in both activities.  Many knew he took part in one organization or the other, but Larry was hesitant to use is personal profile on Facebook to let people know what he was up to, and thus may not be getting the business simply because he didn’t share.

I’ve been there.  I conducted business often with people that I’d met at a conference or online only, but never let my friends from church really know what I was up to.  I did tell people at local networking events, but never brought it up with the people I know in other capacities of life. That cost both myself and them business.  They didn’t get started in social media until I told them how vital it was, nor did they go elsewhere for the services.  It just wasn’t done.

How does that happen for you?  Do you have a good balance of letting people you see regularly know what your business is without being to spammy about it?   How’s that working for you?

For Larry, he had the most engagement on his Facebook personal profile that he may have had ever. People are in the know on what he does, and he’s got a few new people that need his help.

Remember, even if your friends don’t get what your job title means, explain what it is you do or offer professionally. They may not need what you offer, but someone that they know might.

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