Why Hire a Professional to Build Your WordPress Website

(or Why your family member or the kid next door can’t do it all for you)

I absolutely love helping business owners develop their own websites.  However, I don’t love when I come across acquaintances websites that are lacking a few fundamental settings.

I’ve been asked, why can’t I just do it myself (especially if WordPress boasts of a 5 minute install) or I did it all by myself and it’s good enough.  Best of them all, my nephew helped me do it all.

While something is always better than nothing, having some professional help getting core parts of your site established can be the difference between just having a website or having a website that gets traffic, is pleasing to view, works on many devices, and is SEO ready (do you want a site no one discovers or can bare to look at?).

What the WordPress professionals know:

  1. Customizing your look and layout
  2. Advanced SEO settings (if your blog posts end in p=?1230, if your contact page doesn’t contain geotags, or if your website title says “Just Another WordPress Blog”, you’re missing out)
  3. You can and should run the entire site under WordPress most of the time, not just the /blog part of your site.
  4. How to make your site mobile responsive (look good on mobile devices)
  5. Adding in the code to view traffic coming to your websites, keywords being used, and overall effectiveness (Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools, Bing Webmaster Tools)
  6. How to keep your site secure and backed up
  7. Customizing the look of your entire site, including the graphics, color scheme, layout, and remembering to include ways for people to subscribe to your email list
  8. An ongoing contract with your website developer will keep your site up to date. WordPress runs updates like software or apps.
  9. Integrated marketing and training related to email newsletters, social media, sms text messaging, and getting found in local seo.

I truly do love helping business owners get the basics done for them, and teach them how to maintain sites themselves. Your specialty is the work you do, the product knowledge you have.  My specialty is digital marketing, including web development and social media.  I like to help free up your time and maximize your online presence.

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7 Responses to Why Hire a Professional to Build Your WordPress Website

  1. Hey Courtney, I love the fact that I know you from the early days of my online journey and blogging. Back then WordPress was a big mess and scary thing for me. But after a while I installed it and got the hang of it. Later I started self learning it and also I got the chance to work with you on your WP site. As a designer in this platform I can say: when I add elements, I make use of code and less images, so people can easily change them when they want. Also when you have a pro like me on the side, anything goes wrong with the website, I am just one email away to check it out and fix it.

    I must say that hiring help does not always concludes with a happy ending. You may end up with wrong people, claiming they know the stuff and later leave you with more frustration.

    So the best way to find a pro + someone who will not screw you up is to look for someone with a social (social media) footprints. Who is active and available on facebook and are genuinely helpful people.

    Courtney here is an example. She offers lots of tips for free in her blog. And when you send her a PM, she will be happy to spend her valuable time for you for FREE in order to give you good advice.

    • Wow Tamal! Thank you for that recommendation. It is true that we pros can’t ultimately control what a client does or doesn’t do to their site, but of course, if they are willing to entrust their online presence to us they hopefully will partner with us before doing anything too risky.

      It has been a pleasure working with you as well. Who knew networking on Digg could lead to all this? I hope to work with you further in the future too.

      • Same here! I miss the old digg so much, I want it back. Yes would love to work together again. By the way I noticed that this article has a very long permalink. Was it intentional?

  2. Great breakdown of why using a professional is so essential. I think the points you touched on are exactly why nephew booby shouldn’t be given the ok to do the site. Most professionals will go above and beyond to make sure your site is ready to go from day 1. I enjoy helping people launch a blog for the first time. The excitement and determination always gets me going and re-focused!

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