Finding Networking Groups

When you are looking to connect with other business owners and get the word out about your business, how do you start finding those networking events?

Here are a few places to start:

  • Your local Chamber of Commerce may have open mixers
  • BNI – Business Networking International has chapters across the globe
  • Social Media Club – Not all of the businesses are in the business of social media, but use social media to connect with their audience
  • Meetup – hobby groups up to professionally oriented groups

Another route is to find various events in your region to attend for just a day, connect with people there, and ask them how they network locally and routinely. A few events I’m sure to attend:

  • WordCamp – a conference about WordPress
  • PodCamp – a conference about Podcasting
  • BarCamp – a conference about technology in general

And finally, you can check any types of conferences happening in your region using sites that aggregate social events.

What ways have you connected with other businesses for networking offline? Leave a comment below

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Courtney Engle Robertson

From high school business education to the WordPress Training team, Courtney helps people of all skill levels get their message out. She lives in south-central Pennsylvania, loves coffee, plays the mandolin, and has a very large vegetable garden.

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