Managing Your Facebook Page on Mobile

Have you looked at your Facebook Page on Mobile lately? Does everything show up for visitors?

Facebook recently announced that most of the activity happening on their site is via mobile devices. That is a staggering thought.

If you’re like most business owners, you don’t have much time during your operating hours to open the computer and interact with others on your Facebook business page. That’s where using the Facebook Pages app on iOS or Android can be a huge boost for business.

With it, you can easily post photos, write status updates, and even manage your offers (special promotions announced exclusively via Facebook). You can see comments people have left, reply to them, see how many people saw your post, and even see the overall page growth and reach statistics.


How Does Your Facebook Page look on Mobile?

When you look at your Facebook Page on a mobile device, does everything display well? A few things are still rather limited on Facebook mobile.

  1. Custom tabs aren’t visible – Custom tabs in Facebook, like email opt-ins or showcasing your products and services, are great to link to via ads or sharing the link directly to fans. However, those custom tabs don’t display at the top of your Facebook page via mobile devices. It’s still worth having, but at this time don’t expect mobile visitors to discover it themselves.
  2. No Page-to-Page networking – last week I shared how to use Facebook for business to business networking by interacting on behalf of your page. This won’t work on mobile, you can only see the replies left on your page and not see other pages to network with from the app.
  3. Check your cover photoFacebook has a policy that text can only take up a certain portion of your cover photo. However, that may look really small on a mobile device. Take a look at your graphics and be sure that people can read them while still adhering to Facebook’s rules.
  4. No Facebook email as the Page – When you get a message to your page on the desktop, you’ll see a notice. On the mobile device, there’s no such area visible yet. It’ll still be important to open the page via a desktop computer frequently enough to see this.

Managing your Facebook Page on Mobile

Download the app to your device. Remember to open it throughout the day and interact with your visitors. Track your insights, and of course, post updates. You may not have a lot of time to spare in your busiest part of the day, but doing these few things can make all the difference.

Special thanks to Fuddruckers of Chambersburg for today’s images. Give them a few likes, they are just getting rolling with claiming their accounts.20130218-081058.jpg



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