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How to use Google+ Events with Gmail and Calendar

How to use Google+ Events with Gmail and Calendar

Google+ Events enable Google users to create an invite that reaches attendees Gmail inbox and can be easily added to their Google Calendar. The integration across the Google platforms will simplify event planning. To create an event, go to Google+ and select the Event icon in the status box:
How to create Google+ Events


Google+ Events



There are 6 main fields within your Google+ Event:


  1. Over two dozen graphics to choose from that have slight animation, or upload your own
  2. Limit if guests can invite others and who can share photos
  3. Set your date
  4. Locations will look at Google + Local (formerly Google Places) and then into Google Maps
  5. List details
  6. Select from Google+ Circles, individuals, or add any email address

Disabling Google+ Events Notifications

Also, if you want to remove notices from all the invites people may send you, you can disable this in your privacy settings (Top right account icon, privacy, Google+).

How to disable Google+ Event Notices


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