How to Manage Facebook Page Admin Roles

Have you ever wanted to set different levels of access for Facebook Page Admins?  You now can give varying levels of permission to administrators, as Facebook explains.   This is something the Facebook community has pleaded for years to finally receive, but in the end it’s quite a let-down for me.    Here are the levels administrators can now have:Facebook Admin Roles

The problems that I see with this leave me wondering why they even bothered rolling this out.  The primary areas I’ve had requests from clients and peers for ways to manage a Facebook Page by allowing contributors to write status updates, submit photos and videos, and post links. What is not wanted is the ability for less-skilled contributors to have any access to maintain the apps/tabs area, nor adjust settings with ads.  Essentially if a personal can create content, they have access to everything but managing other administrators.

Likewise, those that can respond to and delete comments have the same level of access as content creators.

In my ideal world, I’d like radio button options to give master-administrators the ability to enable or disable all of these settings per user.  The overall functionality would be far more secure without compromising settings that require considerable work.

To manage Facebook Page Admin Roles, navigate to the settings of the fan page.  Select admins on the left, and in the drop menu, select how much permission you want the user to have.

Change Facebook admin role


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