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Google Drive has suddenly given users LOTS of great file sharing options.  Tonight Chris Lang is sharing about that on his Google Hangout (join us!).  We’ll be talking about how Google Drive works now.  Chris has some really fun tricks on using Google Drive as a place for media hosting.  I’ll be sharing how to use Google Drive (formerly Google Docs) as a document creation and collaboration tool.

There are some glitches yet that I’ve noticed.  For instance, if I upload a powerpoint file from the computer extension, it remains unconverted. Yet, if I upload the file from the web portal, I can convert it on the fly.   I can convert it from MS Office (not iWork), but only if it’s smaller than 10mbs.  Remember you will need to publish the file before you can get the embed code.


Other goodies we’ll be discussing include creating Google Drive Forms and adding scripts (like how to get an email of the form submission).  Come join is.

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