How To Organize Google Plus Circles

How To Organize Google Plus Circles

To get the most focus and value out of Google Plus, organize your circles. The same could be said of Facebook and Twitter lists as well.  There are a few approaches to what works best for you, but I’ll share how I get the best use.

Google Plus Circles

  1. Create one circle encompassing your main area of focus. For me, that’s all things tech.  I add in people and brands that are tech bloggers or podcasters, WordPress related, social media oriented, mobile marketing, and location based SEO. These are the people I’d follow professionally no matter if they engage with me or not.
  2. Create a few circles for a variety of purposes. I have Family, Friends (people that I hang out with), and Acquaintances (people I’ve networked with), Clients, Prospects, and Networking Organizations. If I have a specific purpose to post something that isn’t “public”, it’s usually for one of these circles.  Only they can see it.  I hope eventually to lure my family in as I live 10 miles from my parents but in opposite hemispheres from my sister.  One hangout shared among us would be great. I also keep these circles small so that I can see everything these few have shared with me.
  3. Circles for sharing – If I want to share all the great Googlers I follow or WordPress developers, I have them already in my techies circle but need to narrow that down to a specific interest for sharing.  Additionally, my techies circle has just under 2,000 people in it – far too many to share.  Sharing circles is capped at 250 people per circle.
  4. Engage – I use this circle to follow back the people commenting or interacting on my content or that I’ve bumped into during a hangout.  I want to connect with those reaching out to me.
  5. Random – I have a catch-all circle for people I’m following that don’t fit the other circles yet.  If they interact, they’ll get bumped into another circle.  If not, they are the ones to be uncircled when I am close to my 5,000 following limits.

Do you have any tips for organizing your circles?



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