What Choices Hold You Back?

Courtney EngleI love the start of a new year.  I also love starting new things.  Just… finishing them can be a challenge for me.  At this time of year we have our minds set on a fresh start, a new beginning, or a clean slate from last year and have resolved to make changes that we belive are good for us.  But – what choices hold us back from achieving these things?

There are things I know that will greatly enhance my life, yet I fail to do them.  Here are a few:

  1. Upon waking, taking my morning vitamins and supplements.  When I do, I really do think more clearly and have more energy. I notice this effect within just 30 minutes.  I don’t bother taking any synthetic imitation junk, but I really find value in the ones I use. Yet – I forget and haven’t made it a priority enough.  I end up in a fog mentally and find that I’m just not as productive or creative when I skip out on this valuable action.
  2. Music, reading, and meditation can fuel my spirit, yet I skip out on this and stumble around the internet instead on a quest to know all the latest breaking news and help others figure out what to do with it.   Don’t get me wrong, I love helping people keep up with technology and get adjusted to it so that it improves their business and life.  But – these things are temporary.  My spirit is eternal and yearns for more.
  3. Creative releases can be playing my violin or mandolin, learning guitar, drawing, crafts, knitting, or graphic design.  Yet – I stay stuck in the rut of checking in on social media. I don’t make time for these activities.
  4. Exercise needs to be more than sitting at a desk typing or pacing the halls while waiting on my cup of coffee to reheat.  I need to get up and dance, stretch out in some yoga, and break a sweat.  I feel better afterwards, I sleep better, and I have a better self-image. Yet – there I sit.

So – why am I stuck?  Well – I hold myself back.  I know the right choices to make, and feel good about making them or carrying them out.  It is mostly about setting a pattern for success.  Success comes by pursuing it, not avoiding the things that we fear.  My fears have held me back.  I’m taking deliberate action to overturn that.  I could just do one massive overhaul, and just may in some areas, or I could take small steps daily that keep me going – like taking my vitamins this morning.  As a result – I had an idea to write, a series of blog posts in the works, and some great time digging into some inspiring reading today.

Tomorrow’s choice: start with some music first thing upon waking and read what fuels me.  That isn’t social media.  I’ll check back in to let you know how that goes.

What about you?  What’s held you back? What choices do you know you should make and even want to make them but just… havent?


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2 Responses to What Choices Hold You Back?

  1. Why is it that humans with the only spirit of reasoning of all living things, make the choices that turn them to animals beneath their knowledge and wisdom? The knowledge of both good and evil which keeps them searching for their own way out of the Hell they would not visit, yet can’t get out of because they desire to find a back door and not they way they got into it since going out the front door would be ‘admitting they actually came in that door we believe doesn’t exist.

    Now that we have written down our ‘sins of omission’ on the blackboard of hell, we can use that blackboard to ‘map the way out’ and then find a New Way to live outside in the Real World doing the things that Real People do when they follow their own dreams and not someone else’s idea of reality.

    This place is after all called by its real names, inter-‘Net’, ‘virtual reality’, ‘social net’, ‘alternate reality’ and more that I’m sure you can think up. We have dozens of identities and images of ‘ourselves’ in Avatars and Profiles as we both know, so why is it so difficult for us to imagine ‘Real Life outside of Virtual Reality’?

    Whatsoever mankind can conceive and believe, can and will be achieved in due time. What can’t be conceived, however, and therefore believed or achieved is ‘Nothing’, because nothing is impossible with God and if we set out to prove Him wrong or non-existent, we end up here in ‘virtual reality’ creating our ‘alternate selves’ in the ‘virtual world’ we built in our own image and ‘like’-ness, that of ‘Nothing’ and become the Rulers in our own Kingdom where ‘Nothing’ is conceivable, believable and achievable to anyone except the owners of the Internet who profit from our failure to believe in reality and its gifts of life and that more abundantly.

    I’m so grateful you showed me the way I came in and now we both know the way out too!

    Thanks, CourtneyEngle, for your post and your insight to getting FREE of the false image of social networks and their traps and tricks. God bless you and keep blessing others in the real world when you get back there too.

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