Google Apps for Small Business Productivity

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How does your business coordinate with others internally or remote workers and virtual assistants?  Sharing calendars within your organization, contacts, and documents are just the beginnings of what your business may need.  While the corporate world may look to MS Exchange Server, the more ideal solution for small businesses is Google Apps.

Google Apps frees users from configuring their email software (like Outlook, Mail on Mac) or mobile devices.  Instead, users check their mail, calendar, and shared documents and other applications all from their browsers on computers or mobile devices rather than software. By browsing to, users can access their email at their own domain but using the Gmail look. Best of all, Google Apps is free for up to 10 users with just the basic Gmail-like settings.

Is Google Apps right for you?

  • You can export contacts and calendars from a @gmail address
  • You can share calendars with any other address
  • You cannot move a Youtube or other Google services account over
  • Google+ is available, but could lead to confusion if your account is associated with a Gmail vs. Google Apps account
  • Google Chrome enables users to toggle between a @gmail account and a Google Apps account
  • Google Apps has a customer support feature, but is often behind in new feature rollouts
  • Many web applications integrate with Google Apps providing solutions for productivity, crm, invoicing, email marketing, and more.
  • You will need access to your current webhost’s control panel to assign Google Apps as your email provider. (This is easy in HostGator, BlueHost, and other providers like this)
Consider using Google Apps in your business if you need to easily coordinate with staff.   It is an affordable solution for coordinating your business with minimal expense or technical skill.


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