Ultimate Guide to Finding friends & Social Network Connections – Monthly Reminder

Maintaining your many connections across multiple networks can take some work.  About once per month I scan my networks for any connections I might have formed from one place to another. Here’s a quick review on how to best do this:

What you’ll need:

  1. A Gmail account
  2. A Yahoo Mail account (specifically for Facebook connections)

Getting prepared: export data as a .csv  file

  1. Export your contacts (& data) from Facebook
  2. Export your contacts from LinkedIn
  3. Export your contacts from Gmail (click MORE, export) or Google Contacts

Centralizing your contacts:

  1. Import Facebook & LinkedIn .csv files into Gmail (MORE, import, upload .csv files) or Google Contacts
  2. Import Gmail & LinkedIn contacts into Yahoo Mail (contacts, import)

Scan your accounts:

  1. Twitter (scan either Gmail or Yahoo)
  2. Facebook
    -scan your instant messaging systems and Yahoo mail
    -does not scan Gmail. Can upload the .csv files from LinkedIn & Gmail though)
  3. Google – scans Gmail contacts
  4. Youtube – scans Gmail contacts
  5. LinkedIn – import from Gmail contacts
  6. StumbleUpon – scan all options available
  7. Foursquare – scan all options available, manually add those you know
  8. Gowalla – scan all options available, manually add those you know
  9. Tumblr – scan Yahoo address book
  10. Posterous – scan Facebook & Twitter
  11. Ping via iTunes – scan Twitter and Yahoo webmail
  12. Friendfeed – scan all available networks
  13. Vimeo – scan Gmail contacts
  14. Diigo – scan Gmail contacts
  15. Flickr – scan Gmail or Yahoo and Facebook
  16. GetGlue – scan Facebook and Twitter
  17. Yelp – scan Gmail contacts
  18. Google Places Ratings – scans Gmail contacts
  19. Goodreads – scan all available networks
  20. Last.fm – scan all available networks
  21. Flixster – scan Gmail contacts
  22. WordPress.com – scan Facebook and Twitter
  23. Raptr – scan all available networks

Bonus: Use Rapportive to update connections in Gmail

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