Engage in Google Plus

Google Plus: rethinking how to organize people

Google Plus: rethinking how to organize people

Engage in Google PlusWhether we’ve met offline or online, organizing how I connect with you online should be clearly organized for me.

In Twitter, I organized and publicized most of my lists. Some are regional connections, and some are based upon niche industries I follow.

In Facebook, I’ve organized my friend lists based upon how I met or knew people. I have lists for my high school friends, college buddies, co-workers, former students, and events that I’ve met people at.

In Google Plus – I’m organizing things differently. While in some ways it more closely resembles Twitter, it also is becoming for me more about levels of engagement and privacy. Circles that I’ve created thus far:

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Acquaintances
  • GFYD & SMLMP (client membership connections)
  • Techies (Tech & Marketing people I’d follow even if they didn’t follow back)
  • Following (random people I’m following and don’t really know)
  • Engage (those that reply to my content and/or I want to reply to their’s)
I’ve taken the idea from Christopher S. Penn in the most recent episode of his podcast, Marketing Over Coffee, about the Engage circle.  I want to focus my efforts in Google Plus with those that are there to interact.  It isn’t just about what I share.  I share most everything publicly.  Moreso, it’s about how I reply and respond to what they create.
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