Blogging Topics for Small Business Owners

Blogging Topics for Small Business Owners

At a loss for blogging topics?  We all face it at some point.  Here are a few ideas for small business owners to always have something to say.

  1. Write about everything new that you do, like creating your Youtube channel
  2. Share the features of your products, pick a product per day and why you like it
  3. Discuss why you are passionate about your products or services
  4. Announce sales and promotions
  5. Tell your community about events your business will host or attend (think local networking events)
  6. Review insights from attending previous events
  7. Share photos and videos from conferences and events
  8. Post testimonials from happy customers (scan notecards, record video or audio, etc.)
  9. With caution, respond to others posts or local news.
  10. Share appreciation for customers
  11. Promote your local community events such as “First Fridays”
  12. Post a video from Youtube to your website
  13. Share slideshow presentations from Slideshare to your website
  14. Display photos of seasonal display changes
  15. Share information about your product’s source suppliers
  16. Create in-depth insights to ideas that stand out
  17. Why did you choose to locate your business where it is?
  18. What sets you apart from other similar businesses?
  19. What is the story about you and your business?
  20. Tips, tricks and how-to articles for use of your product or service
  21. Interview your customers
  22. Compare or contrast products you offer and share which to choose based upon needs
  23. Describe any improvements in your business over the years or currently
  24. Talk about any charity or volunteer work you or your company offers
  25. Tell customers where to look for your discounts and sales (Facebook, coupons, radio commercials, etc.)

These are just a few ideas to get you jump started.  If you are looking for more help with blogging, check out ProBlogger’s Guide to Blogging for Your Business. This great resource will help you overcome many of the things that stump you about blogging in your business, including practical advice on operating WordPress.  Check it out for more great ways to keep your website current and attract more customers.

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