Youtube Editor

Little Known Youtube Tools

Little Known Youtube Tools

Youtube offers quite a few resources that few people know about.  Several options help you create your videos, while the others help you watch others videos.

Creating Videos:

1.    Search Stories:

Did you see the Super Bowl commercial Google ran?  The Googlers have been at work creating a way for us to easily make our own similar version.  Take a look at this video I created in less than 2 minutes:

Youtube Editor2.    Editor:

If you need to make a few minor adjustments to your videos, Youtube’s editor is the right choice.  It doesn’t edit specific clips, rather the whole video at once.  You can tweak the brightness and contrast, as well as add video stabilization (correcting all the bumps to your camera while recording).

Watching videos:

1.    Live:

Whether it’s breaking news or coverage of an event, Youtube is making in-roads to watching coverage live.  This area is stable and tested on Google’s own conferences.  I look for this service to expand considerably within the next few years.
2.    Movies:

Similar to Amazon Instant Videos, Youtube now makes it possible to rent a movie and watch it instantly online.  I don’t find this service to be as current as Amazon, or to offer many of the other services Netflix offers, but I do think more options and competition will keep the innovation current.

Of course, there are lots of other Youtube tools by third-party providers. That’ll be a great post soon…


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