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Apple is rolling out many new features announced today at WWDC, World Wide Developers Conference.  Today’s announcement covers many changes you can expect by fall of this year.
The first major change includes OS X Lion, an update to the Mac operating system.  Unlike earlier editions, this update will only be available through the Mac App Store.  This update will be needed for many of the other features announced today.  Also, the price seems right: just under $30 USD.
The next big part of the day’s events was about improved synchronization between so many Apple devices: computers, iPhones, iPods, iPads, and Apple TV.  The end of MobileMe is near, but in it’s place is iCloud.  iCloud is a new free service that allows you to take a photo on a device, and within moments the image will appear on the other devices.  In addition, improved synchronization of Apple Mail, Contacts, and Calendar is expected as well.
And finally as part of this major update, iTunes music purchases will be recognized and shared across devices without plugging them together.  For music acquired in other ways, such as purchases from other providers or ripped from your cd collection, Apple will sell an annual subscription of $30 as well to recognize your collection and share that across devices as well.  No word was mentioned if they can detect music that was pirated.
With so many other other updates announced, I believe today was a lot of improvements Apple needed to make to stay competitive against Google and Amazon’s music storage plans.  I was hoping to have a more firm announcement on the next iPhone hardware release, but am pleased with the remaining announcements.
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