Using Google Wave in Groups

Using Google Wave in Groups

Using Google Wave to coordinate your meeting notes is highly beneficial. Whether you want to take notes from a conference, or keep a centralize notes location for your company, Google Wave offers a quick solution to share with everyone. Check out Waving in Groups


If you want to get even more advanced – you can add your Google Groups to a Wave as well.

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One Response to Using Google Wave in Groups

  1. Groups are the weakest part of Wave. Unless you have a group of 5 people — making it easy to add them singularly — the group function is just too awkward.

    Sure you can add people to a Google Group then add that Google Group to Wave. But it won't show notifications to people that there's a new Wave with them in it.

    A very serious design flaw. One that seems like it may cause Wave to be an also ran.

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